Marriage (and the Self)

This is the second zine that I ever made, and the first hand-made mixed media zine made with a group as enthusiastic as I was about zine-making.

Most of my inspiration and artistic enquiry stems from the desire to dig deeper and question existing beliefs, the stuff that people assume to be as "this is how it is supposed to be done", especially when speaking about human life.

I mean, I am aware of free will being a convoluted concept and something that one way or the other can be tough to exercise, or even be aware of being in possession of thanks to the oppressive structures that we all inhabit. Either way, marriage in 2020 is still something that has more conversation (considering the proportion of wealth and wealth-based decision making it involves) and this zine was my way of briefly sharing my thoughts on it.

Often, in very cis-gendered heteronormative ways, married men criticise marriage in one set way, while married women tend to mourn about lost opportunities in another way.

Through this zine, I hope to help each person shed the cis-het gendered perspectives and rules on marriage and approach it from the point of view of their individual need, desire and practice - hopefully, neither looking at it as the end of life, nor as the only reason for life.

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