I had been wondering how to start my first post here on ScrollStack - "should I create an introduction post, or should I start off with a set agenda on what I intend to share". However, I decided that I would share a little of both and evolve with time. As with life in 2020 and otherwise in the process of creation, let us just flow.

So, addressing the first obvious question: who am I?

I am primarily a writer (I do multiple things and writing is the central process of all of my roles) who is deeply interested in everything existential. My interest in everything - be it the topic of emotionally abusive parenting (I have a written a book on it too!), or trauma, oppression, gender, and well, everything else - is heavily informed by my existential questioning and outlook in life. In my work as well as pleasure, I like engaging with everything through that lens and that compass guides me to seek answers, solutions or justice, outside of the very narrow, exclusionary, oppressive and now largely dysfunctional structures in society.

I believe that structures of any kind are created to serve the people creating them as well as those participating in them. That is what brought me to seek to dissect the structure called family since that is the first structure that we automatically check into at birth, the others then getting informed by said structure. If you are curious to read a fabulist fictional piece that will gently allow you to ease into looking at family as a structure that is as flawed as a human being can be, and therefore, has the brilliant potential for evolving, you can get a copy of my book Hineni here.

So, that is about me. Write to me or/and join me here, if you feel that what I have to share would add something to your time on the internet, away from screaming, shouting and attacking people.

Until next time.

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